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Project Description

C++ AMP Algorithms Library is a library of parallel patterns that C++ AMP developers can freely use in their own projects. The latest release now supports Visual Studio 2013.

Prerequisite Understanding

C++ AMP is an open specification, with an implementation from Microsoft in Visual Studio 2012. There is C++ AMP book and book samples available and there are many C++ AMP samples for you to get started. This CodePlex project, is about additional library support for C++ AMP.

Library Requirements

Currently the C++ AMP Algorithms Library targets the 2013 C++ compiler and should run on any Windows 7 or Windows 8 OS provided a DirectX 11 graphics card is available. You can still try the Library without a DX11 card but it will run using the reference accelerator on the CPU which does not have comparable performance to GPU hardware. The Google Test Framework is required to build and run the unit tests.

The Getting Started page has a full description of how to build the library.

Currently in Beta

The C++ AMP Algorithms Library is currently in Beta and is actively being worked on by Microsoft engineers. Currently a subset of library features have been implemented. Over time we will be adding more features and improving the existing ones. You can review some of the upcoming work items in the Issue Tracker. Please feel free to download, evaluate and use the library in your projects. We would welcome your feedback, either in the form of bug reports or general feedback. If you are interested in contributing to the library, please read the attached docx file: External Contribution Guidelines.

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